Automated Vehicles: What does the Law Commission recommend and why?

  • Legal Development 01 September 2022 01 September 2022
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An introduction to our series on automated vehicles and the Law Commissions' report. We introduce the topics that will feature in more detail in future episodes.

In January 2022, the Law Commission of England & Wales and the Scottish Law Commission published the final report in their joint, three-year investigation into the measures necessary to reform all aspects of vehicle safety and general road traffic laws (including motor insurance) in order to enable the safe use of automated vehicles on UK roads.

Our Automated Vehicles vlog series explains the report's recommendations in more detail, breaking the proposals into several key themes. This initial vlog introduces the final report and provides a structure for the topics that are covered in additional episodes, all of which are available below.

This vlog is 14 minutes long, time stamps for each key section can be found below.

• Re-introduction to the Law Commissions' research: 00:00 - 3:28
• Recommended pre-market approval process 3:29 - 5:14
• Data sharing 5:15 - 6:59
• Criminal liability 7:00 - 10:18
• Civil liability 10:19 - 12:53

Find our full Automated Vehicle vlog series and triage aide tool below.


Additional authors:

Andrew Guirguis, Professional Support Lawyer

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