On-demand webinar: Discrimination - new and developing rights

  • Webinar 20 September 2022 20 September 2022
  • UK & Europe

  • Health & Wellbeing

In this highly topical webinar, we reviewed the current equality measures and anticipated the likely future legal developments affecting family friendly rights and gender recognition issues.

We covered these sensitive discrimination issues, carefully clarifying the distinction between “good practice” short of a legal requirement and actual legal obligation.

We also looked at the ways in which disability rights are being expanded to cover more and more diverse health conditions.

To conclude, we predicted the likely legal developments in these areas.

  • Disability: the developing issues - Menopause, obesity, and long COVID
  • How should employers deal with IVF and miscarriage, particularly considering the proposed Miscarriage Leave Bill? 
  • Returning to work as a new parent: Shared Parental Leave, flexible working, breastfeeding at work and the Neonatal Care Bill
  • Transgender issues: recent case law

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