ESG for HR - How employers can demonstrate their Environmental, Social and Governmental credentials

  • Market Insight 08 November 2022 08 November 2022
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With COP27 underway and a year after the Glasgow Climate Pact was agreed at COP26, the need for organisations to react to the climate emergency is more pressing than ever.

COP27 is calling for organisations to play their part in combatting climate change. This pressure on employers also comes from all stakeholders, and most importantly its employees. A recent survey found that over 80% of workers are keen to incorporate sustainability into their current roles and help their employers meet their environmental goals, but doubt that their employers will achieve them. Additionally, whilst 70% of employees said that it was important for their companies to achieve net-zero, more than half of them were unaware of whether their companies do operate with net-zero emissions, highlighting the need for education and transparency.

Introducing ESG for HR

Clyde & Co’s HR Eco Audit enables organisations to tackle these issues head on, in order to strengthen their sustainable workplace culture. You can find out more on our dedicated HR Eco Audit webpage or please do get in touch at



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