A Climate for Change | Changing Tack: Greening the Shipping Industry

  • Podcast 17 February 2022 17 February 2022
  • Climate Change

In this episode, Jane O’Reilly is joined by Clyde & Co partner Rebecca Armstrong from the Energy, Marine and Natural Resources team and Karen Lawrie, General Counsel of Seaspan and its parent company, Atlas Corporation.

The group discusses how climate change is affecting the shipping industry, with a particular focus on alternative fuel sources, new technologies in retrofitting and ship building and adaptation strategies in the transition to a greener shipping industry.

Addendum 17/02/2022: Following the recording of this podcast, the EU Parliament issued a draft report proposing a number of changes to the EU Emissions Trading Scheme legislation and you will be able to access our article on this very soon.

This episode was produced by Emma Turton, Catherine Aznar, Iris Kyriazi, Annie Wood, and Jane O’Reilly. With special thanks to Rebecca Armstrong and Karen Lawrie.


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