Being a Regional MEA Employer: Algeria

  • Podcast 04 July 2023 04 July 2023
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Our Being a Regional MEA Employer series addresses the employment framework, legislative changes and challenges impacting employers and employees across a variety of jurisdictions. Our fifth episode focuses on Algeria, a country in the Maghreb region of North Africa.

There are six countries which shape North Africa or the Maghreb; Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Sudan. When doing business in these countries it’s important to take into consideration the geo-political landscape as diplomatic issues have an impact on the economic environment and therefore doing business such as the issuance of visas or the blocking of imports. The Maghreb is influenced by the French and its legal system. 

The Algerian government has implemented an investment law focusing on developing priority sectors such as natural resources, agriculture, environment, technology, and tourism. Oil and gas continues to be the main sector. There has been an increase in investment from start-ups and organisations making the market very competitive and active. Employers are advised to consider cultural aspects. 

In this episode, Senior Associate Amy Guest invites Consultant Hakim Berrah to discuss the dynamic employment space in Algeria and seek to answer the following questions:

  1. From an employer’s perspective what are the key things an employer needs to know?
  2. What are the opportunities for businesses? Where do you see a lot of activity taking place?
  3. Is the employment framework employer friendly or employee friendly?
  4. What’s on the horizon in the coming months?

During this episode, employers and businesses will gain an understanding of the employment framework and a market update in Algeria.

Our employment specialists assist employers with the full range of issues which arise in the workplace on a day-to-day basis. If you have any questions regarding the employment framework in Algeria, please contact Sara Khoja, Hakim Berrah or Elodie Chalhoub.

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