JCT 2024: The New Edition

  • Legal Development 19 July 2023 19 July 2023
  • Projects & Construction

JCT has recently announced that the next update to its suite of contracts will be the JCT 2024 Edition

As is usual for JCT, there are a number of changes that relate to key themes, where amendments are being made across the suite to implement those themes as far as possible.

The key themes are:

  • Future proofing – including changes to reflect the objectives of the Construction Playbook, and the incorporation of previously optional supplemental provisions relating to Collaborative Working and Sustainable Development and Environmental Considerations into the main contract terms.
  • Legislative changes – major updates in relation to the Building Safety Act and termination accounting and payment provisions reflecting the Construction Act, and the incorporation of new insolvency grounds reflecting the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020.
  • Modernising and streamlining – including increased flexibility around the use of electronic notices, the adoption of gender-neutral language, shortened time periods for assessing and responding to interim extensions of time and additional extension of time (and optional loss and expense) provisions relating to epidemics and the exercise of statutory powers.
  • New for JCT 2024 – in addition to making changes across the suite to reflect these themes, JCT will also be introducing a new contract family, JCT Target Cost Contract (TCC), comprising a main contract, sub-contract, and guide.

Digital working will continue to be a main feature of the JCT suite with JCT 2024, which will be published exclusively via JCT’s Construct subscription service, as well as On Demand digital and traditional hardcopy.


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