Empowering MENA’s sustainable start-ups – Clyde & Co’s pro-bono contribution to PepsiCo’s 2023 Greenhouse Accelerator: MENA Sustainability Edition

  • Market Insight 09 November 2023 09 November 2023
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In an era where environmental consciousness is at the forefront, Clyde & Co is supporting the sustainability cause by providing pro bono legal support to start-ups dedicated to tackling climate change.

In particular, Clyde & Co is proud to be part of PepsiCo’s 2023 Greenhouse Accelerator: MENA Sustainability Edition programme which is designed to nurture the growth of emerging and sustainable innovation in the food and beverage sector. The 2023 cohort consists of 6 start-ups focused on breakthrough sustainable solutions across the MENA region. Clyde & Co has been providing pro bono legal advice to address regulatory challenges, intellectual property concerns, and contractual intricacies that the start-ups will need to be aware of when building their business. Our proactive involvement aligns with global initiatives such as COP28, reinforcing the legal community's commitment to environmental responsibility.

Our Pro Bono & Social Impact strategy includes ‘Sustainability & Climate Change’ as one of its key pillars. We believe that by actively engaging in pro bono work to support sustainability-focused start-ups, we are able to demonstrate proactive leadership in addressing global challenges. This commitment not only fosters a positive impact on the businesses we assist but also sets a precedent for the legal community to contribute meaningfully to the global effort to combat climate change.

As we aim to align our efforts with the goals of COP28, we contribute to creating a legal landscape that fosters innovation, growth, and positive change in the pursuit of a more sustainable and climate-conscious future.

‘The Greenhouse program aims to provide support to the participating start-ups across all areas of their business. This is why having external contributors to the program are critical to its success. We’d like to thank Clyde & Co for lending their expertise and in turn support in enabling the 6 start-ups to accelerate their growth to meet their business objectives.’   Yasmin Fansa, ME Sustainability Lead, PepsiCo


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