Professional Indemnity Claims Handling 101 | Ep 3: Wills and probate

  • Podcast 25 March 2024 25 March 2024
  • UK & Europe

  • Insurance

Welcome to the third episode of our Professional Indemnity Claims Handling 101 series, in which Jane Williams and Lucy Murphy provide an overview of wills and probate claims against solicitors.

In a bite sized 16-minute episode, they explore:

  • Common claims including drafting inaccuracies, estate distribution errors and the timing of claims
  • Larke v Nugus statements
  • Categories of Claimants including disappointed beneficiaries
  • Practical tips for handling wills and probate claims

If you have any thoughts or queries on this episode please don’t hesitate to reach out to the speakers below. If you would like to hear about further episodes click below.



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