Instruments of the Egyptian Capital Markets Episode 1

  • Podcast 04 April 2024 04 April 2024
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Welcome to the first episode of the Clyde & Co’s podcast series titled “Instruments of the Egyptian Capital Markets”, brought to you by Barakat, Maher & Partners in association with Clyde & Co.

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Throughout this series, our host, Mohamed Barakat, Managing Partner and guest speaker, Mostafa Elsakaa, Corporate Partner and Head of Capital Markets of Barakat, Maher & Partners in association with Clyde & Co, Cairo, navigate through a number of crucial topics that stand out as very pivotal and essential for entities engaged in the Egyptian capital market; whether regulators, private sector entities that rely on the capital market instruments in the financing processes, or the financial institutions and investors that are interested in benefitting from these instruments.

To set the scene, the host begins by introducing himself and introducing the guest in this episode, then proceeds to outline the purpose of the series, with a short preview of the topics that will be covered in coming episodes. Discussing the purpose of this series, Mohamed Barakat highlights four major topics to be covered, namely, securitization, real estate investment trusts, IPOs, and Sukuk; each topic will be covered in a single or multiple episodes depending on its complexity.

Securitization is the main topic of this episode, and Mostafa Elsakaa presents bite-sized, digestible content to help listeners understand what securitization is, how securitization certificates are issued, the role of the parties involved, and the relevant agreements and arrangements that memorialize and structure a securitization transaction.  

Tune in next time when Instruments of the Egyptian Capital Markets addresses the real estate investment trusts (REITs), identifying the contours of the REITS capital market landscape today as one of the instruments that effectively contribute to the development of the Egyptian real estate sector.

Clyde & Co operates in Egypt through Barakat, Maher & Partners Advocates & Legal Consultants. Our Cairo team of US and Egyptian-qualified lawyers have more than 18 years of experience assisting clients in achieving their corporate objectives. Learn more here.


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