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Audrey Boily



Audrey Boily

Audrey Boily


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Audrey started her legal career at Clyde & Co in 2019 when she joined as a student-at-law and further completed her internship in 2020. Following her admittance to the Quebec Bar, she is delighted to be continuing her time at the firm as a new associate, where she is primarily focused on the practices of litigation, namely in professional liability and of insurance coverage.

Prior to attending law school, Audrey discovered a passion for debating which led her to win the 2015 edition of the Montreal Bar debating competition for cegep students.

Audrey graduated from McGill University in 2019 where she received a Bachelor of Civil law and Common Law (B.C.L./L.L.B.). During her studies, Audrey also completed an exchange semester at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark and a three-month legal internship in Senegal. Her passion for debating transformed into a passion for pleading after her participation at the Pierre-Basile Mignault Moot Competition in 2018, where she won best final oral pleading.

Described as a curious and open-minded lawyer with a strong capacity of analysis, Audrey enjoys facing new challenges and thoroughly explores every avenue possible when presented with a legal problem. When outside of the office, Audrey enjoys spending time practicing sports, such as rock-climbing, cycling and hiking. She is also an avid fan of skiing, where she can be found on the various hills in the Laurentians.

  • Publications as Research Assistant at the Centre of Genomics and Policy, McGill University, Medicine Faculty, Montreal:
    • Erika Kleiderman, Audrey Boily, Craig Hasilo & Bartha Maria Knoppers, "Overcoming barriers to facilitate the regulation of multi-centre regenerative medicine clinical trials" (2018) 9 Stem Cell Research & Therapy.
    • Erika Kleiderman, Audrey Boily & Bartha Maria Knoppers, "Genetically Enhanced Minors: Whose Responsibility?" (2018) 18:6 America Journal of Bioethics.
    • Erika Kleiderman, Rachel Thompson, Pascal Borry, Audrey Boily & Bartha Maria Knoppers, "Doping controls and the 'Mature Minor' elite athlete: towards clarification?" (2020) 12:1 International Journal of Sport Policy & Politics.

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Audrey is primarily focused on the practice of professional liability and insurance coverage and litigation.

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