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30 May 2024

Clyde's Claims Essentials - Privilege

Welcome to our Clyde’s Claims Essentials podcast series, focused on sharing practical tips for insurers on frequent issues faced by claims handlers within the Property & Liability space. This episode explores Privilege: Key Essentials with Lauren Penton and Aditi Kumar.

30 May 2024

Insurance Growth Report 2024 podcast series - Episode 3: Diverse opportunities and risks across the

This is the third and final instalment of the Insurance Growth Report podcast series, hosted by Peter Hodgins, exploring the findings of our 2024 Growth Report in key regions around the world. Here, we focus on the Middle East, South Africa, and Asia Pacific, joined by corporate and M&A specialists, Roshanak Bassiri Gharb, partner in Dubai, Matt Ellis, partner in the Melbourne office, and Ernie Van Der Vyver, Partner in Johannesburg.

17 May 2024

Insurance Growth Report 2024 podcast series - Episode 2: Exploring growth activity in the US and Lat

Welcome to the second instalment of the Growth Report Podcast Series, hosted by Peter Hodgins, Global Head of Corporate Insurance at Clyde & Co. Delving into the key growth factors uncovered in our 2024 Growth Report, this episode focuses on the US and Latin America with guests Marc Voses, Partner in the New York office, and Felipe Hoetz, Partner in Santiago, Chile.

10 May 2024

Emerging Risks - Vaping

In the first episode of our series 3 Emerging Risks podcast series, we discuss the popular and fast-moving subject of Vaping and its profound implications on the Insurance sector, with perspectives from both the UK and Australia.

02 May 2024

Insurance Growth Report 2024 podcast series - Episode 1: Exploring UK & Europe’s M&A and regulatory

Clyde & Co’s new Growth Report Podcast Series, hosted by Peter Hodgins, draws on this year's Insurance Growth Report, which explores the M&A landscape and regulatory issues across the insurance sector. Each episode will focus on key regions and this first instalment looks at the UK and Europe, with insights provided by Andrew Lucas, Partner in the Corporate Insurance Group in London, and Andreas Börner, a corporate and regulatory Partner in the Munich office.

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