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04 May 2023

Construction Defects - Latent Defects

The second episode of our construction defects podcast series focuses on Latent Defects and the current and upcoming challenges insurers are facing. We discuss the types of construction defects which are generating claims; the increase in defects claims and how these are evolving; policy wordings; and the impact of modern methods of construction.

20 April 2023

Emerging Risks - PFAS

In the latest episode of our Emerging Risks podcast series, we discuss PFAS (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), a group of chemicals used globally in a wide range of products from food packaging to firefighting foams. In recent years, scientific research has highlighted PFAS as being a harm to human health and connected them to various diseases. PFAS now pose a significant liability risk and increased awareness of their health risks has already led to mass claims activity beginning in the United States.

20 February 2023

Emerging Risks - Air Quality

In this episode of our Emerging Risks podcast series, we discuss air quality and how air pollution poses a major threat to health across the globe.

16 February 2023

Construction Defects - Introduction and update

In the first episode of our construction defects podcast series, we discuss the recent and historic problems surrounding building regulations, how these are being reformed and the availability of recovery actions against parties who were involved in the construction.

16 December 2022

Emerging Risks - Social Inflation

In the second episode of our Emerging Risks podcast series, we discuss the growing threat of Social Inflation, a major emerging risk that the insurance industry is facing.

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