March 02, 2020

COVID-19 UK: Employment Webinar - How Coronavirus impacts the UK workplace

Employers are confronted with numerous legal issues as they address Coronavirus travel restrictions and consider health and safety measures to protect their workforce. In this webinar we will address legal risks and best practices relating to the Coronavirus, from the perspectives of employment law, health and safety, data privacy, and discrimination/human rights in the US, Europe and China. Join this insightful webinar to better manage the related risks for your business!

The webinar will feature a panel discussion among attorneys from China, France, Germany, UK and USA.
This webinar will have a duration of 1 hour and is free of charge. You can register for the webinar via the registration button below.

There are two available sessions to join:

Monday 2 March
GMT: 8:00am / CET: 9:00am
GMT: 5:00pm / CET: 6:00pm


  • Verena Braeckeler-Kogel (Pusch Wahlig Workplace Law in Germany)
  • Matt Harrop (Clyde & Co in United Kingdom)
  • Frédéric-Guillaume Laprévote (Flichy Grangé in France)
  • Katharine Weber (Jackson Lewis in USA)
  • Ying Zhao (Zhong Lun in China)

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