November 14, 2019

SCoTA Crash Course

Clyde & Co in partnership with globalCOAL would like to invite you to a training on globalCOAL's Standard Coal Trading Agreement (SCoTA) in Xiamen (China) on 14 November 2019 (Thursday).

With over 2,500 Licensed Users worldwide, SCoTA is recognised as the contract of choice for the trade of seaborne thermal and metallurgical coal.

The SCoTA combines a single, accepted set of standard terms and conditions together with a range of coal quality specifications and delivery points for international coal sales and purchases. As a result, market participants can focus negotiations on what matters most: Price discovery.

Its benefits include it is efficient, transparent, confidential, regularly updated for the market and accessible.

The course will include:

  • Clause by clause analysis of SCoTA
  • The High Ash Australian RSS
  • The INDO 3800 RSS
  • Participative case studies
  • Networking dinner following the course
  • Presentation of course completion certificates

If you would like to attend the course please follow the link below and click on the "Book your place today" button.

We look forward to your attendance.