Clyde & Co's environmental strategy recognises that we have a responsibility to improve the sustainability of our operations.

We regard environmental regulations, laws and codes of practice as the minimum standard that we should aim for and actively work to out-perform these benchmarks.

We are committed to promoting the conservation of natural resources, preventing environmental pollution and have identified paper usage, travel and waste production as target areas for future improvement.

The St. Botolph Building, where our London office is located, has achieved a Platinum Award in the City of London Clean City awards scheme for it's exceptional efforts in waste management. It is predicted that on average, 97% of the building's waste is recycled.

Clyde & Co is a member of the Legal Sector Alliance - a coalition of law firms and organisations committed to working collaboratively to take action on climate change by reducing their carbon footprint and adopting environmentally sustainable practices

Our Environmental policy has been approved and signed by the Chief Executive Officer, demonstrating our commitment at the highest level in the organisation.