Environment Matters

Clyde & Co's environmental strategy recognises that we have a responsibility to improve the sustainability of our operations.

We regard environmental regulations, laws and codes of practice as the minimum standard that we should aim for and actively work to out-perform these benchmarks.

We understand that our business has an impact on the environment and we are constantly exploring ways that we can manage our operations and buildings in a way that minimises this.

Our key priorities are to reduce our paper usage, our travel and the waste in our offices. Some offices around our network have set up working groups, looking at how we can make progress and encourage behaviour change.

Our environment policy sets out our commitments and priority areas and our activities are guided by the ISO:14001 management system.

We also see the opportunity that we have to use our legal expertise to help address the effects of climate change around the world. For example we have provided pro bono legal advice to NGOs to help them develop parametric insurance policies, which help protect communities against climate change related disasters such as drought. This innovative insurance product pays out funds early, based on agreed parametric triggers, enabling more speedy interventions. This differs from the standard model of fundraising for disasters, in which aid agencies are reliant on donations and funding after a crisis has taken place.

To view our Global Environmental Policy, click here.