Located at the junction of Brittany and Pays-de-Loire, in the heart of a city that has become one of the centres of European maritime activity, Clyde & Co Nantes offers local support to businesses in the west. Benefiting from the global Clyde & Co network, our employees can offer our clients top-notch advice both nationally and internationally. The Nantes office is active in all aspects of maritime law and international trade.


In close collaboration with our Paris office, the Nantes team assists regional companies of all sizes in their varied activities, particularly in their import and export operations.

The office of Clyde & Co in Nantes is well known for its strong involvement in the shipbuilding and repair sector, the purchase, sale of ships and shipping finance as well as charter parties, shipping and offshore activities. It is also often associated with the projects of both public and private ship owners in areas as diverse as cruise, river or sea or scientific research activities.

The Nantes Office is very active in the field of fisheries and more generally in activities related to the international trade of agro-food raw materials.