Of a very nice nature, Laurie is more than appreciated by her colleagues and clients. She has great abilities to listen to others and she is always ready to offer assistance.

As a young attorney, she distinguishes herself by her rigor and thoroughness. Each case is for her the perfect occasion to demonstrate her creative capacity to find solutions and to answer her clients' needs. Laurie Lacasse is always available for her clients, connected to their realities and understands the importance of keeping them informed.

Laurie Lacasse graduated from the University of Montreal and she was admitted to the Quebec Bar in 2015. During her university studies, she was involved in various extracurricular activities, such as the debates committee, which allowed her to stand out. During more than two years, she worked as researcher on that committee, which gave her the opportunity to develop interest for legal and political issues.  

When Laurie is not at the office, she is probably at a park with her friends practicing a sport she loves: volley-ball.