ClydeCovered app

ClydeCovered takes the guesswork out of whether a workplace incident is notifiable or not in a specific jurisdiction, and what steps an individual or business should take following the incident.

We don't believe the law should be difficult. Nor do we believe the law should distract you from the task at hand – keeping people safe, which is why we have worked with developer Chocolate Coded to create ClydeCovered. Whether you are a seasoned safety professional, a busy general counsel or a novice involved in a serious work safety accident, we want to help you keep your eye on the ball as you manage the crisis and prevent legal compliance obligations from distracting you. 

ClydeCovered is a free, fast and easy to navigate global health and safety incident notification app for general working environments. To download the app, please visit the Apple iTunes store here.

ClydeCovered is set up to:

  • identify the individual's location and the jurisdiction they are in using GPS
  •  tell them whether the incident is notifiable to the relevant local health and safety regulator
  •  provide them with the relevant regulator's details to streamline incident notification
  •  convert the information they provide into an incident report which can then be saved or emailed
  •  provide tips on immediate actions required to effectively manage a serious health and safety incident
  •  enable them to directly contact Clyde & Co's emergency response team 24/7

The launch edition of ClydeCovered currently supports Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, with additional jurisdictions to be added in due course. 

The application is the first of its type in offering cross-border content. Legal, safety and human resources teams are increasingly operating on a global and regional basis, requiring them to work across multiple jurisdictions. Busy teams struggle to keep up-to-date with all the jurisdiction-specific legal requirements that apply when things go wrong.  As a global law firm with health and safety expertise around the world, we saw the opportunity to meet that need with ClydeCovered and provide real time information to them.

The focus of this application is general workplace environments and it does not support industry-specific health and safety legal notification requirements that may create additional reporting obligations or impact which regulator is notifiable.

Each workplace incident is different and this application is not intended as legal advice. If a workplace incident occurs, or if a user reasonably suspects there has been or will be a workplace incident or similar event, they should seek legal advice. 

The app is initially available for Apple devices; other platforms will be added and announced in due course.