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We advise water and wastewater utility companies, brokers and insurers on property and liability claims.

Our water and wastewater utilities team advises clients on insurance coverage matters and defends clients against property and liability claims. We also assist with the recovery of losses incurred from third parties.

We advise on property damage and loss claims arising out of incidents involving escapes of water or sewage from the mains water and wastewater network. We also advise on claims arising from incidents at major sites such as processing plants, reservoirs, dams and sewage treatment works. Additionally, we support clients on matters related to water pollution, contamination, odour and noise.

Our specialist team assists with third party recoveries where utility apparatus has been negligently damaged and losses have been incurred. We will also recover damages from third parties where negligence has led to contamination or nuisance and associated losses.

Our experienced water utilities team closely supports clients in the event of an incident, advising on the preservation and gathering of evidence, liability, quantum, recovery and on the pre-litigation defence of a claim.

We advise on all aspects of litigation and alternative dispute resolution, including mediation.

We can also provide training to clients around statutory duties, effective claims management and on associated common law matters.