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Emerging Technology Regulation

Supporting clients on legal risk assessments of emerging technology

We advise on cutting-edge legal issues in emerging technologies such as blockchain, smart contracts and distributed ledger technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning, fintech and insurtech. 

We have been at the forefront of changes to laws and regulations in a number of markets.

Examples of Clyde & Co’s initiatives in emerging technology regulation include:

Clyde Code – our first-of-its-kind smart contracts consultancy combining legal and technical expertise to offer a full range of smart contract products and services

Crytpocontracting solutions – advising on automation projects on core aspects of standard form construction industry contracts

• InsurTech - we have a growing platform that supports and partners with insurance sector clients, as well as working with tech companies, startup hubs and accelerators

Drones/UAVs - our aviation team has developed market-leading expertise on the emerging legal and regulatory issues facing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones, helping clients to enter into and manage their UAV platforms in this rapidly expanding sector on issues ranging from intellectual property and data protection to product liability risk

Our Emerging Technology Regulation Work

  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East
  • UK & Europe
  • Data management for aircraft maintenance and engineering data

    Advising on governance terms for a blockchain proof of concept for an inventory and supply chain management provider participating in a consortium with a number of multinationals in the aviation sector to explore data management for aircraft maintenance and engineering data.

    Hong Kong
  • Law and regulatory policy in the Middle East and Africa

    Advising a global technology company on law and regulatory policy in the Middle East and Africa, including support on discussions with national regulators and governments on cloud and ICT regulation.

    United Arab Emirates
  • Blockchain solution to replace a paper-based financial instrument with a digital product

    Advising on the development, implementation, validity and enforceability of a blockchain solution in the context of a project to replace a paper-based financial instrument (i.e. cheques) with a digital product, including structuring a regulatory solution to accommodate the blockchain financial...

    United Kingdom

    Artificial intelligence software

    Advising a large international financial services client on its first global project to develop and use artificial intelligence software to carry out back-office administration processes.

    United Kingdom

    Parametric data

    Advising a major insurer on the pan-European roll-out of a new innovative product based on the use of parametric data.

    United Kingdom

Our Emerging Technology Regulation Team

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