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Financial Institutions and D&O International Review

  • Legal Development 11 November 2019 11 November 2019
  • Global

  • Insurance & Reinsurance

Financial Institutions and D&O International Review

The boundaries of financial regulation are constantly expanding and in our latest Review we discuss the FCA's perimeter, the development and use of Fintech, the FRC's Stewardship Code as well as providing updates on the business plans and complaints statistics for the financial regulators. On the global stage, class actions continue to be a significant exposure for financial institutions and their directors and officers and we examine here the developments in the U.S., Australia, the UK and the EU. Rounding off the Review, we analyse the Supreme Court's recent decision in Singularis v Daiwa, concerning the "Quincecare duty", in addition to summarising important cases impacting the FIDO space since our March 2019 Review and looking at what we can expect in the coming months.


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