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The future viability of the P3/PFI project delivery model in the US and UK

  • Podcast 01 February 2021 01 February 2021
  • Americas

  • Infrastructure

This update forms part of the Year in Review 2020 series. In the US, the future viability of the P3 project delivery model is uncertain whilst in the UK we've seen significant changes take place over the past decade with the UK government deciding to no longer use the PFI model for funding national infrastructure projects going forwards.

In this podcast, Senior Counsel Daniel Lever and Legal Director Laura Coates explore the success of P3s in the US and why some contractors are leaving the market, along with a comparative look at criticisms of UK PFIs and how to best use the P3 model for future projects.

This podcast forms part of our Projects & Construction Year in Review 2020 commentary.

To hear more, visit our Year in Review hub here.


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