On-demand webinar: Lithium Batteries

  • Webinar 27 April 2023 27 April 2023
  • UK & Europe

  • Technology risk

Lithium batteries are a ubiquitous technology, used in everything from vaping devices to huge plants storing energy from offshore wind farms. The technology is in a state of rapid development, however, and there have been many reported cases of product failures and mass recall events.

Lithium technology is inescapable, and presents both risk and opportunity for underwriters. 

In our seminar, given in conjunction with leading experts from Exponent, we consider:

  • the current status of technological development and the drivers of risk;
  • anticipated technological developments;
  • considerations for underwriters in the property, motor, product liability and recall lines;
  • considerations for claims handlers seeking to investigate fires which are suspected to have been caused by a defective lithium battery.

These issues are occurring now and they are likely to be of concern to underwriters in the fields of property, motor, product liability and product recall.

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