EG & Clyde & Co at MIPIM

  • 04 April 2023 04 April 2023
  • UK Real Estate Insights

Real Estate partners Annabelle Redman and Will Deeprose hosted the EG Pavilion opening reception with Real Estate Balance, in partnership with EG at MIPIM this year.

Annabelle discussed opportunities for women in the industry, the challenges they face and breaking the bottlenecks, and how the industry is evolving for women who want to work their way up to board level.

Sue Brown from Real Estate Balance spoke about the importance of widening access to the property industry.

Will then closed the speech with a discussion around the impact that hybrid working has had on D&I, the importance of understanding and inclusivity in a team, promoting the right people for the job and how hybrid working has held back the ability to see the full diversity of a workforce. 



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