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In partnership with the UAC, we are pleased to be hosting a series of breakfast seminars on various topics that are of interest to the industry. More information about the series is outlined below. Reach out to our key presenters below for a discussion.

1. Financial Aftermath of The COVID BI Coverage Test Case/Financial Impact of Widespread floods 

22 February 2023 

Speakers: Gareth Horne (Partner), Leah Hewish (Special Counsel)

Overview: Clyde & Co partner Gareth Horne and special counsel Leah Hewish discuss the financial impact on the insurance industry of the Australian COVID-19 business interruption (BI) insurance coverage test case decided by the Courts in 2022 and the widespread floods experienced across Australia.

Having represented insurers in the COVID-19 BI coverage test case, Gareth and Leah provide insights from that decision, as well as the international experience, relevant to the financial and claims handling implications of COVID-19. They also look at how that experience has influenced the industry’s response to other catastrophe events, including the 2022 Australian floods.

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2. Cyber: Resilience and Security 

03 May 2023

Speakers: Brigitte Gasson (Senior Associate), Stuart Lloyd (Senior Associate) 

Overview: Recent high profile cyberattacks illustrate how organisations of all sizes across all industries are being targeted by cyber criminals. In the current landscape, it is more important than ever that organisations understand the cyber risk landscape and the steps they can take to minimise the potential impact on their organisation in the event of a cyberattack.

This in-person session covers:

  • the industries we are seeing becoming increasingly attractive targets for cyber criminals and why;
  • what we’ve been seeing – incident trends, regulatory developments and real-world case studies; and
  • mitigate the risk – proactive steps you can take to protect yourself, your organisation and your stakeholders.

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3. Construction: Impact from Reduced Supplies/Workers and Fixed Price Contracts on Policy Coverage 

02 August 2023

Presenters: Matthew Smith (Partner), Sarah Metcalfe (Special Counsel), James Rigney (Special Counsel) 

Overview: Soaring inflation on top of a tight labour market and reduced supplies has continued to place inordinate pressure on Contractors. But how do these issues impact Insurers? Sarah Metcalfe, James Rigney and Matt Smith from Clyde & Co take a look at these issues in the context of Contract Works and PI policies including the impact of these issues on the quantum of claims, what Contractors are doing to trying address these issues and what Insurers can do to lessen the impact of these market risks. 

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4. Digital Security and Impacts of Regulation

20 September 2023

Presenters: Alec Christie (Partner), Crystal Sanders (Special Counsel)

Overview: Alec Christie, Partner and Crystal Sanders, Special Counsel of Clyde & Co take a look at the various regulatory regimes and enforcement trends that are, and will soon, have an impact on cyber and digital security. This session covers key issues for underwriting agencies and brokers, as well as their insured clients, and importantly, for their insurer partners who face increasingly onerous obligations that are being passed down to their service providers and representatives.

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5. Corporate Crime: How to help your Insureds expect the unexpected - Fraud, scams and regulatory investigations

8 November 2023

Presenters: Avryl Lattin (Partner), Jehan-Philippe Wood (Partner)


  • Trends in internal fraud and employee theft
  • Practical tips to help your Insureds respond when they discover fraud or theft
  • An update on the latest trends in third party scams and social engineering
  • Enforcement priorities of regulators
  • Managing dawn raids and regulatory notices
  • Trends in management liability insurance

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6. Risk & Reward: Update for Underwriters on the Current State of the Construction Industry 

14 February 2024

Presenters: Matthew Smith (Partner), James Rigney (Special Counsel), Hannes Marais (Senior Associate), Rebecca Badra (Associate)

Overview: The post COVID years posed significant challenges for the construction industry and its insurers that are still being felt today.

Our Construction and Insurance teams will discuss the insurance impacts of future regulatory reform, and current and future claims trends for Underwriters and their clients, amidst the green shoots of recovery predicted from 2024 and beyond.

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