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This podcast features our Superyacht specialists and market commentators discussing the latest developments.

Our Superyachts Episodes

Clyde & Co has a leading yacht and superyacht team with over 20 years’ experience.

19 October 2021

Superyachts Podcast - Episode 7: The Superyacht Group

John Leonida interviews Will Mathieson and Jack Hogan of The Superyacht Group.

09 September 2021

Superyachts Podcast - Episode 6: Marie Soliman-Berglund of Njord by Bergman Design

John Leonida interviews Marie Soliman-Berglund of Njord by Bergman Design

28 July 2021

Superyachts Podcast - Episode 5: Captain Kelly Gordon

John Leonida interviews Captain Kelly Gordon about her experiences as one of only 2% of female yacht captains.

29 June 2021

Superyachts Podcast - Episode 4: Yacht Design

In this episode of the Clyde & Co Superyachts podcast, host John Leonida is joined by Tony Castro to discuss yacht design.

04 May 2021

Superyachts Podcast - Episode 3: Human Rights at Sea

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