October 10, 2018

BREXIT: Maintaining supply chain resilience

We are delighted that the Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke QC MP, the Father of the House, who has also served in the Cabinet as Chancellor of the Exchequer, Home Secretary, Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary, Education Secretary, Health Secretary and Minister without Portfolio will be our keynote speaker at this event.

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For UK businesses or international firms using the UK as an entry point to the EU, the post Brexit landscape of trading, hiring and supplying between the UK and EU is likely to change significantly. Businesses may seek new opportunities to grow their customer, employee and supplier bases outside of the EU. But with these opportunities come new risks to consider and mitigate. This event will help provide clarity in uncertain times.

We are pleased to welcome additional keynote speaker, John O'Regan from DEXEU and panellist, Nick Wildgoose, previously Zurich, who will be joined by experts from industry, law and media. Our panel discussions will provide some perspectives on trade with the EU, talent management and global regulatory regimes after Brexit. Representatives from businesses across a number of sectors will also detail their practical experiences of Brexit preparedness to manage supply chains in this environment.