July 05, 2019

Climate Change Liability Risk Conference

Clyde & Co invites you to join us for our Climate Change Liability Risk conference, in collaboration with Willis Towers Watson. The event will form part of London Climate Action Week 2019 and aims to explore climate change risk, in particular the liability risks faced by businesses, their directors and officers and their insurers.

The event will delve into current trends in climate change litigation including an increase in product liability claims brought by activists, states and cities against oil majors which are passing through the courts, especially, but not exclusively, in the United States.

The discussions will also look at the increase in claims against those who fail to adapt their businesses or professional advice to the physical risks a changing climate poses to infrastructure, processes, inputs or supply chains. Or who fail to adapt their business plans to account for the transition to a low-carbon economy. Climate risk must increasingly be built into business decision-making and directors and officers who fail to consider how climate risk impacts their bottom line may face claims now or in the future.


  • 08.30 Registration
  • 09.00 Welcome - Simon Konsta, Senior Partner, Clyde & Co

Session 1: The three-fold risks of a changing climate: physical, transition and liability

  • 09.10 Presentation: Setting the scene - physical risks of a changing climate - Helene Galy, Willis Research Network Director, Willis Towers Watson
  • 09.40 Presentation:  The transition to net zero - where are we headed? - Michael Liebreich, Chairman and CES, Liebreich Associates
  • 10.10 Presentation: Liability risks and emerging duties of care – a global taxonomy of the state of litigation, regulation and standard-setting. - Neil Beresford, Partner, Clyde & Co, Ned Kirk, Partner, Clyde & Co, Jacinta Studdert, Partner Clyde & Co
  • 11.00 Coffee break

Session 2: Practical implications for businesses, directors and officers

  • 11.30 Introduction to session 2 - Carlos Sanchez, Director, Willis Towers Watson
  • 11.40 Panel: Indirect exposures - the sleeping giant of liability risks to corporations - Moderator: Avryl Lattin, Partner, Clyde & Co. Panelists: Richenda Connell, CTO and Co-founder of Acclimatise, Miroslav Petkov, Director, Head of Finincial Services Environmental and Climate Risk Research, Standard & Poors, Ben Caldecott, Director and Associate Professor, University of Oxford Sustainable Finance Programme
  • 12.20 Panel: Fiduciary duties, climate disclosures and litigation risk - from TCFD to the PRA Supervisory Statement - Moderator: Ned Kirk, Partner, Clyde & Co. Panelists: Kevin LaCroix, Attorney and Executive Vice President, RT ProExec. Author, The D&O Diary, Nadine Robinson, Technical Director, Climate Disclosure Standards Board, William Martindale, Director of Policy and Research at UN Principles for Responsible Investment
  • 13.00 Close, followed by lunch

Who is the event for? This event is aimed at business leaders and key decision makers.

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