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    Clyde & Co’s award-winning (claims validation) team is trusted by clients (including major insurers, claims handlers, public bodies and private organisations) to ensure fraudulent claims are successfully challenged and repudiated. The team is skilled in all areas of fraud, from the detection and management of fraudulent claims, to advising clients on the best fraud prevention strategies.

    The team is skilled in all areas of fraud, from the detection and management of fraudulent claims, to advising clients on the best fraud prevention strategies.

    Our fraud teams deliver scalable counter-fraud services of the highest quality across all Casualty service lines. The team offers full UK-wide coverage from our ten UK offices, giving us a unique opportunity for cross-border intelligence sharing and service provision. Our wider offering includes 45 offices across 6 continents, presenting a truly global service.

    We act as a panel supplier for a large number of insurers and hold sole supplier status for complex/organised fraud rings for several household names, providing our knowledge and experience across varied lines of business from individual policyholders to large corporates and local authorities.

    Clients have told us they appreciate our thorough and determined pursuit, and the continued focus on quality; all cases are handled by a technically qualified and skilled solicitor with the expertise to deal with any pre-lit or post-lit cases. This has been recognised by clients; our Counter Fraud team won the "Supplier of the year 2015" award for one of the largest motor insurers in the UK market.

    Areas of expertise
    Our fraud expertise encompasses a number of work disciplines including:

    • Fabricated or exaggerated claims
    • Serial claimants
    • Phantom passengers
    • Induced/staged incidents
    • Late notified claims
    • Occupiers liability
    • Low Velocity Impact (LVI) claims
    • Property (arson; theft & burglary; stolen vehicles etc)
    • Fraud rings

    EL/PL fraud rings
    Through our work with local authorities and as sole supplier for organised fraud ring work with large insurer clients, we have greater knowledge of established known fraud rings. We use this to check for known and emerging fraud risks. The work of our liability counter-fraud team has also helped clients identify and tackle fraud rings which have become disturbingly more frequent in the PL and EL sector. Recent examples of this include:

    EL/PL industry fraud ring success Acting for several large clients in the Preston area dealing with, what was deemed to be, the first industry wide EL/PL fraud ring. We assisted our client by liaising with the IFB and delivered a 100% repudiation rate for all intimated claims

    Employee-led fraud ring Acting for a large local authority on a sensitive employee led fraud ring. We ensured that reputational damage was avoided whilst achieving maximum repudiation and an IFED referral

    Innovative approach to fraud
    Technology plays an important role in delivering services to clients effectively. Clyde & Co has made significant investment in innovative systems to improve our counter-fraud service.

    • Genesis  - Our bespoke fraud detection and data interrogation application, Genesis, is an innovative tool that combines information on a range of fraud indicators and other identifying information (including known fraud rings, accident loci, vehicle details, bank accounts, NI numbers, parties etc) to identify matches, flag potential concerns and produce an overview fraud strategy report. Genesis is also used to enhance the accuracy of data capture.
    • Opponent Based Strategy  - Our Opponent Based Strategy uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative data to determine claimant solicitor behaviour, to develop suitable responses strategies in order to reduce overall indemnity spend. This has also been integrated with Genesis for the early detection of fraudulent cases and enabling us to provide a specfic strategy report.
    • Sentinel  - Sentinel is a fraud litigation decision-making tool, which delivers a bespoke pre-trial economics report to highlight the prospects of success of a given case, and potential prospects to improve the success. This has been implemented for two of our key insurer clients, bringing about significant savings on fraud claims, through more sophisticated decision-making on cases. The tool provides a more sensitive and subtle measure than traditional methods, enabling us to evaluate the prospects of success more accurately.

    Added value
    We recognise that you look to us to provide more than purely technical legal advice and we seek to deliver to you maximum benefit from your relationship with us. As such, we provide a range of added value services including:

    Our added value services include:

    • Fraud specific seminars and conferences
    • File clinics and claims reviews
    • Comprehensive Fraud training academy
    • Risk management advice Series of relevant technical legal updates and market alerts

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