October 25, 2018

ASHE (2000) 6115 2018: A slowing in the increase?

The 2018 data for the equivalent ASHE (SOC 2000) 6115, wages of care workers, home carers and senior care workers has been published together with the revised 2017 data.

The statistics show that, for a second year, carers' wages continue to rise, albeit at a slower pace than the previous two years.

The key points are as follows:-

  • The revised 2017 data includes revised figures for the 75th, 80th and 90th centiles; the latter two figures have been revised downwards.
  • There has been an average increase across the centiles of some 3.72%1.
  • By comparison, the retail prices index increased by 3.36% and the consumer prices index by 2.43% in the year to April 2018. The cost of care is therefore increasing above RPI inflation and CPI inflation.

For the percentiles most frequently encountered by Insurers, the new figures are as follows:-


Should you require any further information, or assistance in calculating the periodical payments on your books, please do not hesitate to contact Kate Mikolajewski or Jodie McAuley.

1Calculated using the Revised 2017 data and including the median.