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Connecting Contractors with Innovative Construction Materials and Techniques - E360

  • Press Releases 23 September 2019 23 September 2019

Every year I attend construction and infrastructure conferences that attract thousands of people. At these conferences, exhibition halls are filled with companies that boast innovative construction technology, material, and techniques. These innovations, if adopted, can save money, increase efficiency, promote better communication, and/or reduce safety risks. Unfortunately, many CEOs, GCs, and higher executives are unable to attend these conferences, but they still want to hear about innovation in their industry and to keep abreast of innovative developments. To solve this problem, I am developing a series of short videos that present and explain these innovations.

This is my first case study and highlights how technological innovation and fleet management can radically improve utilization rates. The service is called Equipment360 (or E360) and was developed by HCSS.