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Confused about driving with dementia?

  • Legal Development 3 July 2019 3 July 2019
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Confused about driving with dementia?

"One in three people with earlier-stage dementia still drives, and it is critical for those diagnosed with dementia to maintain their quality of life and dignity….But some people diagnosed with dementia do not necessarily want to start a process that might ultimately lead to their licence being revoked….I do not believe that the current system strikes the right balance in mitigating the risk."[1]

Following proposals under the Driving (Persons with Dementia) Bill to require doctors to inform the appropriate driver licensing agency of a diagnosis of dementia and ensure that drivers diagnosed with dementia undertake a supplementary driving assessment, we consider the current position, the proposals put forward and whether this will adequately protect road users.

[1] Extract from MP Rachel Maclean's first reading of Driving (Persons with Dementia) Bill 2017-2019


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