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The Opportunities and Risks of Infrastructure Cooperation in the Greater Bay Area

  • Market Insight 17 October 2019 17 October 2019
  • Asia Pacific

The growth of population and the abundance of natural resources in Africa has led to a high demand for infrastructure, which has created a strong incentive for investment and development.

In the past two decades, China has grown to be the largest economic partner of Africa, with 10, 000 Chinese firms currently operating in Africa. China's engagement with Africa is expected to continue to grow under the Belt & Road Initiative.

In this video, Paris Arbitration Partner, Nadia Darwazeh, explains the causes of possible construction disputes:

  • Lack of understanding of local conditions that impact the project
  • Construction delays caused by disputes over the quality and materials
  • Foreign exchange fluctuations

Nadia also further explores the solutions of how the disputes can be resolved, and the consequences brought by these disputes if not resolved properly and promptly.


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