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Employment Law Webinar - SMCR: A session on conduct rules and reporting obligations

  • Market Insight 06 November 2019 06 November 2019
  • UK & Europe

  • Employment, Pensions & Immigration

Watch the second webinar in our SMCR series, this webinar will help you recognise what a breach of conduct rules looks and understand the circumstances in which the regulator must be notified. It is suitable for FCA solo regulated firms entering into SMCR on 9th December 2019

  • Recognise what a breach of conduct rules looks like in different scenarios;
  • Understand the circumstances in which the regulator must be notified; and
  • Learn how the new reporting rules fit within the existing rules and obligations.

Our Employment team

Providing you with dedicated Clyde & Co support
Webinar attendees will receive automatic notifications to future regime updates.

Specialist consulting advice
Our Employment team has considerable experience in advising banking firms and insurers when they transitioned to the SMCR and Senior Insurance Managers Regime respectively in 2016, so we are well placed to assist financial services firms, including insurance intermediaries, leading up to the extension of the SMCR.

We can help you by delivering training for HR and staff (at all levels) and drafting contracts and policies.

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