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On-Demand Webinar: The transition to the new normality in the construction and infrastructure sector after Covid-19

  • Webinar 16 June 2020 16 June 2020
  • Projects & Construction

This webinar addresses relevant aspects of the transition to the new normal and future forecasts from the point of view of Spanish companies in the construction and infrastructure sectors. These are key sectors relevant to Spain and other nations worldwide, through the wide presence of Spanish construction and infrastructure companies abroad.

The closure of activities, restrictions on the transport and mobility of people, the closure of borders and the confinement of people in many countries have caused an important stop in the economic activity of many countries, causing in turn a great impact on the construction and infrastructure projects, in whatever state they were in.

In June 2020 (date of the webinar issuance), despite the fact that these restrictions became slightly more flexible, although unevenly depending on the territories, and certain activities have been resumed, there were still numerous limitations (such as capacity in the works, interruptions in the supply chains, sick leave or quarantine, etc.) that caused major impacts on construction and infrastructure projects. 

In Spain, 12% of the activity in the construction and infrastructure sector is activity related to the public sector (civil works and public facilities) and 88% activity related to the private sector (residential and non-residential construction). Additionally, the activity in concessions of transport infrastructures and public equipment represent more than 2% of the GDP.

Accordingly, this webinar is particularly focused on the impact of Covid-19 in the public procurement sector in Spain as well as in the future forecasts for this sector.

In order to provide this session with more practical content, the webinar deals with certain aspects related to project management during the Covid-19 crisis from the knowledge provided by the team's experience and offers some recommendations to take into account in order to execute a satisfactory contractual management in exceptional circumstances such as the ones caused by this pandemic.

In addition, the webinar also makes a special mention on how Covid-19 has affected the construction and infrastructure sector in the United Kingdom and on how this crisis has been managed by the different relevant  players of the sector in the country.

The webinar is in Spanish.

Webinar recording


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