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Climate Change Law Hackathon

  • Market Insight 04 February 2021 04 February 2021
  • Global

  • Climate Change

Clyde & Co is proud to have hosted the energy and infrastructure tables during the hackathon led by The Chancery Lane Project in November – December 2020.

The event, which kicked off during pro bono week and lasted throughout November, saw a collaboration of lawyers from around the globe work towards creating climate-conscious contractual clauses and model laws. The clauses we have drafted, along with those drafted in the wider hackathon event, will be published in the next edition of Climate Contract Playbook by The Chancery Lane Project early this year. The clauses will be available to the entire legal profession to adopt in their drafting and serve as a basis for education and conversation around greening contractual relations.

Partner Liz Jenkins, who led the firm’s infrastructure table, said: "Participating in the hackathon gave us the opportunity to utilise the expertise and enthusiasm of the legal profession in producing relevant contract clauses which have the potential to change how the contracting parties view sustainability and approach the challenges caused by climate change. The spirit of collaboration created by The Chancery Lane Project allows us to contribute positively in tackling climate change in a real and accelerated manner."

Clyde & Co's lawyers collectively devoted more than 600 Pro Bono hours of time to the Climate Change Law Hackathon! We want to thank every individual participant for their contribution to this event and hope that more Clyde & Co lawyers and clients will join us for future hackathons.




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