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Aerial Transmission Of The SARS-Cov-2 Virus Through Environmental E-Cigarette Aerosols: Implications For Public Policies

  • Market Insight 04 March 2021 04 March 2021
  • Americas

The aerial transmissibility of COVID-19 coupled with pandemic-related restrictions may lead to the potential spread of the virus via indoor e-cigarette users. Currently there is no empirical evidence of aerial transmission of COVID-19 (or any pathogen) through vaping by infected vapers or smokers.

This research found that the mean emission rate of vaping is equal to 79.82 droplets per puff (6–200, standard deviation 74.66), and can add a 1% extra risk of indirect COVID-19 contagion in indoor spaces used by others. By comparison, relative risk of transmission by speaking increases to 44–176% during 6–24 minutes per hour and 260% for coughing every 2 minutes.

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