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Webinar - Changing winds: foreign ownership and corporate compliance in the UAE

  • Webinar 16 June 2021 16 June 2021
  • Middle East

  • Corporate

The pace of regulatory and legislative change in the UAE is rapid, perhaps more so than ever, and the legal and regulatory regime around companies and corporate compliance is front and centre of some of the most recent developments.

A significant overhaul to the foreign ownership landscape in the UAE came into effect on 1 June, presenting opportunities for many foreign investors. There have been a number of other important developments companies in the UAE need to be aware of as well, including in respect of Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) disclosure, company secretarial obligations, and compliance more generally. 

This webinar is intended to be a whistle stop tour through some of these developments, what they mean for our clients and what our clients need to be doing (or not doing) to protect their businesses and comply with their obligations.

Topics covered include:

- Foreign ownership: what is the position?
- What the developments mean for existing LLCs and branch offices
- Options and opportunities for other companies and investors, including for M&A
- Compliance, governance, deadlines and penalties


- Philip O'Riordan, Partner
- Benjamin Smith, Partner
- Stephen McKenna, Partner


For more information, read our summary article here


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