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Webinar: Covid-19 – Regulatory and Civil Liability Defence Strategies

  • Webinar 19 November 2021 19 November 2021

There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has raised particular challenges for employers, care home proprietors and the care home sector as a whole.

Webinar: Covid-19 – Regulatory and Civil Liability Defence Strategies

In this webinar, Toby Scott, Partner in the Disease team, and Mark Brookes, Legal Director in the Safety, Health and Regulatory team will be joined by Professor Keith Neil, University of Nottingham and Jamas Hodivala QC to discuss all potential defence strategies for employers and care home businesses facing regulatory intervention, Inquests and oblique or civil claims.

We’ll explore the historical position care home proprietors found themselves in the early stages of the pandemic and we’ll look at how they can best protect themselves from claims and regulatory intervention in respect of infections in the more recent (post vaccination) stages of the pandemic. Finally, we will consider the evolution of knowledge during Covid-19 and the resulting response from HMG and others.

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