A Climate for Change | Changing stripes: Adapting to biodiversity risk

  • Podcast 12 May 2022 12 May 2022
  • Global

  • Climate Change

In this episode, Clyde & Co Associate and host Jane O'Reilly is joined by Legal Director Wynne Lawrence of Clyde & Co and Nathanial Matthews, Chief Executive Officer of the Global Resilience Partnership, to discuss the risks posed to the natural world, specifically biodiversity, and the steps being taken to protect and preserve natural resources and ecological systems upon which all life on Earth depends. 

They explore how these protections and safeguards are being implemented globally and what businesses can do now to position themselves in front of those risks and developments. 

In March 2022, our Climate Risk and Resilience team together with the Global Resilience Partnership released a joint report on biodiversity liability and value-chain risk. 

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