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15 March 2020

Building resilience in the energy sector

15 March 2020

1. Introduction

The energy sector is transforming in significant ways. The use of data and disruptive technologies is changing the way power is generated, distributed and even consumed.

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At a recent seminar, Clyde & Co lawyers and industry experts joined forces to navigate the risks and opportunities for businesses in the energy sector.

Click on the video below to learn more from the speakers about the key themes they discussed at the seminar:

Climate Change

The fast pace of decarbonisation in the sector is causing widespread disruption to the energy system. Energy generation is becoming increasingly decentralised and less predictable, and the sector is racing to find solutions.

Leveraging data and disruptive technologies, such as smart contracts, blockchain and AI, will greatly increase how the sector understands, predicts and manages risks. These innovations will help improve decision making and foster a more resilient and reliable energy system.

What the future holds

The energy industry will continue to be at the forefront of adapting to change, particularly as the climate emergency becomes an ever-higher priority for the public, governments and regulators.

Helping businesses deal with the multifaceted effects of decarbonising, decentralising and digitising the energy system is an area where Clyde & Co is particularly active. We are well placed to assist clients in embracing these changes using our leading expertise in the energy, construction, data and technology sectors.

Clyde & Co’s Resilience Campaign is dedicated to helping companies understand the latest thinking on risk management, the regulatory landscape and building resilience, particularly in the context of a business environment transformed by climate change.