February 25, 2020

Aviation Newsletter - February 2020

In this edition we discuss:

  • A clear view on FNC dismissal: United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia rules decisively in MH370 aviation tragedy
  • Navigating the civil standard of proof in the context of the AVS 103 (‘50/50’) clause
  • Are you ready, are you compliant? China’s social credit management system 2020
  • Airlines liable for hot coffee spills and slips on icy aircraft stairs. The meaning of “accident” under the Montreal Convention in 2019
  • Thirsty for a verdict: Australian court confirms that dehydration is not an accident under Montreal Convention 1999
  • Travelers Insurance Company Ltd v XYZ: The UK Supreme Court rules on the making of non-party costs orders against insurers
  • Dawn of a new era for the Montreal Convention and liability limits for airlines
  • French Supreme Court confirms that criminal courts lack jurisdiction over claims arising from air accidents
  • Blockchain in aviation
  • Regulation of drones in Venezuela
  • A brief guide to the statutory framework for MROs in China
  • Brexit update
  • Overview of the Latin America Aviation Seminar, Madrid – 20 November 2019