April 29, 2019

Engaging Thoughts report - Key drivers when managing a workforce in MEA

The MEA Employment Group recently held a client event focused on sharing ideas and views on the issues faced by employers over the past eighteen months, many of which form the basis of strategic business decisions on how an organisation should be run with implications for business growth and profitability.

The Engaging Thoughts report highlights the key themes and concerns raised during the lively discussion.

Our three panellists; Elizabeth Williamson (Senior Legal Counsel, Labour & Employment, Accenture), Mohamed El Roubi (General Counsel and Head of Compliance & Assurance, Risk, Insurance & Welfare, and HR, GardaWorld), and Patricia Exposito (Vice President and Senior Legal Counsel, Marriott International Inc) reflected on various topics including:

  • Challenges regarding promoting gender representation in the workplace
  • Challenges when promoting a corporate culture and dealing with cultural movements such as #MeToo or #TimesUp
  • Challenges when applying HR practices to the business
  • Changing work watterns
  • Rewards and recognition