August 17, 2016

MedCo - MedCo developments

MedCo has warned it is continuing to receive multiple registration applications from medical reporting organisations (MRO). This is despite Medco's intention to remove "shell companies" from the system when the Ministry of Justice publishes its new definition of an MRO.

Medco also repeated its earlier statement that when these agencies are removed from their system, they will not have their registration fees refunded.

Such underhand tactics by MROs artificially inflate the number of 'hits' an MRO receives following a search for a medical expert, undermining the random allocation of experts which is central to the system. It is hoped that Medco continue to police this behaviour effectively. 

Indeed this warning comes shortly after 45 users were suspended from using the MedCo after it was discovered that they had tried to avoid the random allocation of experts. To date, various solicitors have also been reported to the SRA as a result.

In more encouraging news, On Medical, part of the Winn Holding Group, has become the first MRO to transfer from tier 2 to tier 1 on MedCo, making it a national provider. On Medical reported that within a year of the introduction of MedCo, instructions had increased by almost 1,000%.