September 20, 2017

Ransomware in health care: An Insurance-based analysis

Imagine you are a physician administering care or a surgeon preparing to operate when suddenly your health care facility’s computer systems become inaccessible. Ransomware attacks are making this scenario and other data breach related hospital challenges increasingly common.

Christina Terplan and Kristen Psaty detail the claims and recovery pitfalls in the health care industry as it relates to cyber and data breach in this extensive article written for the American Bar Association's Coverage publication. Topics covered include:

  • Exploiting extreme duress: The Explosion of ransomware in the health care field
    • Business email loss accompanying ransomware
    • Rise of cyber policies
  • Ransomware and cyber coverage
    • Extortion demand coverage and limitations
    • Covered breach response costs
    • Business interruption loss—A complicated analysis in a health care scenario
    • Costly fallout
  • Looking forward—Connected health care devices and the shifting scope of exposure
  • Conclusion and recommendations
    • Proposed preventive measures