July 29, 2016

MedCo - Timelimit imposed on MedCo reports

MedCo has made an announcement on its website that medical reporting organisations (MROs) and experts will be given a deadline of six months, from their date of selection, in which to upload their medical report.

One of the aims of MedCo is to improve the quality of medical reporting, by the training and accreditation of experts, as well as through the monitoring of case data for quality consistency.

Medical experts have reportedly already been requested to increase their efficiency and the rate at which soft-tissue injury reports are uploaded. As part of the contributor agreement, medical practitioners must upload medical case data and a failure to do so may result in an enforcement action. Delays may also serve to support the assertion that MROs and other experts are not delivering the workload required.

Six months is somewhat of a longstop date and usual practice is that the majority of reports are uploaded within three months.

In the same vein, the Government is likely to introduce the changes reported on earlier this year (see related content) this summer.