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Clyde & Co US

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Clyde & Co is one of the largest international law firms in the United States. We have more than 60 partners and nearly 250 legal professionals across nine US offices, working alongside 3,600 people globally.

Our principal business in the US is insurance and we represent domestic and international insurers and reinsurers nationally and internationally in every type of claim and dispute, ranging from the validity of a loss under a single policy to high-stakes matters involving a complex array of contracts and issues.

Our US team includes international arbitration, litigation and trial lawyers as well as transactional and regulatory capabilities. The team distinguishes itself by its skill in handling the largest and most complex insurance and reinsurance matters for domestic and international clients. We also draw on our global strength in other core sectors including energy, transport, trade & commodities and infrastructure.

With a more than ten year track record in the United States and a growing footprint across the country, Clyde US is well placed to help you succeed in a volatile world in which managing risk requires connection of experience across a range of business areas and economies.


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    US insurers will seek to engage in IBTs and corporate divisions

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    Blockchain breaks out and enjoys widespread adoption

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    Climate change risks will lead to innovation in the US insurance market

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    NAIC and NCOIL Reconsidering Anti-Rebating Laws and Regulations

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    NAIC Evaluating Existing Framework for Privacy Regulation

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    NAIC Explores Implications of Use of Accelerated Underwriting in Life Insurance

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    NAIC Expands Activities on Use of Big Data in Insurance in the US

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    NAIC’s Principles For Artificial Intelligence in Insurance

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    California Consumer Privacy Act: Is it covered?

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    Look out kids, the times they are a changin’

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    InsureTech Connect 2019 observations

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    US Dramatically Increases Sanctions on Venezuela

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    Growing risks from malicious drones

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    Blowing smoke: Legal risks of cannabis

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    Parametric solution for wildfire risk

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    Illinois leads the way for biometric privacy legislation

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    Could insurance save troubled Canadian cryptocurrency exchange?

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    Global insurance M&A activity up 9% in 2018, but uncertainty to cause…

US offices

Diversity & inclusion

We are committed to ensuring that we have a workforce that represents a wide range of backgrounds, age and experience and reflects the values of our global clients.

We aim to build, promote and share a culture of inclusion where everyone feels respected and has the opportunity to participate and contribute to the success of the business.   This requires us to work continuously to develop diversity and inclusion awareness and behaviors that will allow us to attract, develop, and promote talent from all backgrounds and support them through to  leadership and management roles.

The US Diversity & Inclusion Committee comprises partners, senior attorneys and staff across the region.  This Committee develops the programs and events which cultivate an inclusive culture and oversees the progress being made on matters such as gender diversity in senior roles, cultural diversity and employee wellbeing. 

Key contacts