December 1, 2017

Insurance predictions 2018: Insurers will turn attention to silent cyber risks

Insurers will look to better quantify, and increase efforts to avoid, unintended “silent cyber” exposures.

For several years now, non-cyber insurers have been examining their portfolios to identify and estimate possible exposures arising from cyber incidents. Cyber exposures to “traditional” policies such as property, marine and casualty policies are recognized as potentially meaningful exposures which could cause unplanned risk aggregation and accumulation, not accounted for previously. 

Insurers (and reinsurers) have been focusing on catastrophic events that could cause worst case risk accumulation to these traditional policies.  Insurers will continue to examine and attempt to quantify their potential cyber exposures to traditional insurance policies and programs.  It also is thought Insurers will start to more affirmatively address the “silent cyber” issue by clearly excluding or sublimiting coverage or by including coverage for cyber exposures in non-cyber, traditional policies.

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