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Trade Credit & Government Guarantee

Deep rooted worldwide trade credit insurance and government guarantee expertise

Our global trade credit & government guarantee team is noted for its work with this specialised class of insurance. Our lawyers work to protect the interests of local and international trade credit insurers and ECA’s by providing tailored services in respect of claims, recoveries and policy coverage.

We provide proactive, timely and cost-effective debt recovery solutions and offer our clients the unrivalled levels of technical knowledge, resource and experience that they would expect from a leading international law firm.

Our debt recovery teams deliver a low cost, no risk specialist service for the pre-litigation recovery of unpaid debts. Our objective is to achieve full payment for our clients in the shortest time period possible, or to negotiate with debtors to agree a workable payment solution acceptable to our client without recourse to litigation.

In cases where litigation is considered necessary, we can draw on the capabilities of the largest global dispute resolution practice of any international law firm to manage the entire claim process.