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Marine Casualty: "MSC CHITRA"

  • Press Releases 11 août 2010 11 août 2010

The "MSC CHITRA", a 1980 built fully cellular containership of 38,352 dwt and 33,113 gt was in collision with the 1985 bulk carrier "KAHLIJIA 3" off Mumbai on Saturday 7th August 2010.

Whilst initial reports suggested there was little damage to either vessel, the MSC CHITRA was in fact significantly affected by the collision and began taking on water. She reportedly developed a severe list of 70 degrees and ran aground. It is reported that some 300 containers were lost overboard. The vessel was laden with 266 tonnes of heavy fuel oil, much of which has escaped into the sea leading to a large oil slick which threatens the environment. The vessel is also reportedly laden with significant quantities of dangerous cargo.

The "MSC CHITRA" was on a voyage from Indian to Pakistan and ports in the Middle East and Africa. She was carrying some 1,219 containers of general cargo, much of which has been lost into the sea or wet damaged as a result of the listing and subsequent flooding of her holds. Smit Salvage BV have been contracted to provide salvage assistance under the terms of Lloyd's Open Form Salvage contract (LOF) and Scopic has been invoked. The LOF salvage contract provides for Arbitration in London.

This is a multi faceted casualty encompassing salvage, unseaworthiness investigation for the purposes of any pursuing recovery of losses against the carrying ship under the contract of carriage, which provides for English law and jurisdiction, together with the collision aspect and the possibility of recovery of losses against the colliding vessel.

We have been retained by part cargo interests to advise in relation to all aspects.

For further information on this marine casualty please contact either:
Andrew Nicholas
Joanna Waterfall

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